Micii Calareti – Impresii

TabereCuSuflet0099Tabara Micii Calareti s-a incheiat! Au fost 6 zile minunate, in care am calarit, ne-am impretenit, am spus povesti si am descoperit o lume minunata, plina de caldura si frumusete! “As vrea sa mai tina 2 saptamani” ne-a spus la sfarsit un copil:) Iata cateva Impresii stranse la final:

Vom urca filmul cu Impresiile cat de curand. Pana atunci, iata cateva cuvinte scrise de Daniella in a treia zi a taberei. Ea invata si locuieste in Los Angeles, asa ca i-a fost mai usor sa scrie in lb. engleza.

As a camper here at “Tabere cu Suflet” I really enjoy. Mrs Cami has taught me to be respectful to others. She also taught me through actions of hers that when someone gives you something to eat, even though you might not like it as much, still try to eat it because that person took moments from his or her time to make that food from hard work.

I also really enjoy Mr. Radu. He takes the time to show compassion and admire people all in very different ways, in which not many people do. For examples a day or two we, as a group stopped by a house where lived a very old women that looked like 90 years old. She was chopping wood to burn for food, and Mr. Radu stopped just to find a way to help her. That very action that he did, just stop to help that old lady is a very kind-hearted thing to do.

Both Mrs. Cami and Mr. Radu have made like a difference in my life. They both have thought me so many things in such short time (meaning 3 days) and I am very sure that they will continue to teach me new things that will help me in my future life.


Foto: Tabere cu Suflet

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